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هدایت مهندسی و راهبردی صدران
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Behdad Medical Services Company
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مجموعه گروه راه نو Since 2014, R.N holding has started its activities in various fields of energy, knowledge-based companies, food and medicine, mining, construction, agricultural, animal husbandry and related industries. And with the establishment of subsidiary companies, he has been able to create a new way of guiding and managing resources by attracting people’s material and spiritual capital. R.N holding has entered the field of activity with the aim of developing energy production infrastructure in our dear country of Iran and focusing on activities in the field of renewable energy in Khorasan Razavi province and the operation of wind power projects in Khaf city.
R.N holding has entered a less experienced position with a strong will and monopoly of power plant projects. By using collective wisdom and attracting expert and committed personnel, this group has been able to provide the most accurate research measures including geological, anemometer, climate and contrast studies, choosing the right place to install and operate wind turbines.
R.N holding Policy: (Expertise-Belief-Perseverance)
Considering the ever-increasing needs and the expansion of mankind on the one hand and diverse capabilities and many talents on the other hand, R.N holding decided to enter into various fields with specialized management and organization by using qualified and capable managers. and by legalizing the path of the process of proper exploitation of resources and facilities.

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