Introduction of Rahnoa group

Since 2015, Rah No Group has started its activities in various fields of energy, knowledge-based companies, food and medicine, mining, construction, agriculture, animal husbandry and related industries, based on the high-quality documents of the provincial government, and established sub-group companies. He has been able to create a new way of directing and managing resources by attracting people’s material and spiritual capital.
Considering the existing potentials in the province, the many abilities and talents of the young people of this border and environment prompted Rah Nou Group to enter various fields with specialized management and organization, using qualified and capable managers, and by formulating new paths. ; Provide proper use of resources and facilities.
By establishing 17 companies in different specialized fields and employing more than 300 capable young people and experts of Greater Iran in different companies of its subsidiary directly and indirectly creating employment for more than 1200 people, this group has been able to take a big step as a private company in Create employment.

Company managers

Introduction of members


Yesra Khorsand

Member of the board of directors and administrative finance deputy

Dr.Ta nha

Mojtaba Tanha

Founder and CEO of Rahnoa Group


Alireza Jami

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rahnoa Group

The main activities of the new way group

Geological, anemometer, climate and meteorology studies, choosing the right place to install and operate wind turbines and...

team members
Number of subsidiaries


Rahnoa group