Principles of Social Responsibility of Group

We believe in our Principles of social responsibility

Believing in its social responsibilities, RahNoa Group states that its activities are designed in accordance with a set of values, principles and standards. In this regard, the basic principles and general framework of activity management methods according to the social responsibilities of the group are as follows:

Principle 1: Achieve a work culture based on motivation, healthy, safe work and equal opportunities.
Principle 2: Cooperation in sustainable development by reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities and creating new solutions through innovation.
Principle 3: Develop a responsible supply chain, through transparent, objective and impartial methods of working with suppliers and providing all information about services and products that sold to customers.
Principle 4: Respect for citizenship rights and avoid, prevent and reduce any negative impact on citizenship rights that may arise from its activities or from the company’s business relationship with third parties.
Principle 5: Supporting public benefit and charitable activities.